Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite Will Probably Fall To Earth On Friday

It looks like a giant piece of biscotti covered with gold foil and pipe cleaners. But it’s really a decommissioned weather satellite the size of a bus that NASA says will probably fall to Earth by Friday, oh, give or take a day. Most of the Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite (or UARS) will burn up … Continue reading

Mega Space Weather Would Kill Satellites For A Decade

A MAJOR solar storm would not only damage Earth’s infrastructure, it could also leave a legacy of radiation that keeps killing satellites for years. When the sun belches a massive cloud of charged particles at Earth, it can damage our power grids and fry satellites’ electronics. But that’s not all. New calculations suggest that a … Continue reading

NASA Twin GRAIL Spacecraft Launch at 9:16 am: Watch Live Online Coverage

The countdown to twin GRAIL spacecraft mission to Moon is moving ahead toward a lift-off at 8:37 am EDT, NASA said in a statement. Forecasters still are calling for a 40 percent chance of good weather at the scheduled launch time. NASA‘s GRAIL spacecrafts are set to launch to the moon aboard a United Launch … Continue reading

Space debris: Time to clean up the sky

A wide range of space agencies and intergovernmental organisations has taken a bite out of this issue down the years. The opinion expressed is always the same: the problem is inescapable and it’s getting worse. It’s also true the tone of concern is being ratcheted up. There is now a wild jungle of debris overhead … Continue reading

Space Station May Fly Without A Crew Later This Year

NASA and Russia’s space agency might leave the International Space Station temporarily without a crew starting in November, NASA said on Monday. The announcement was triggered by the failed launch of a cargo ship last week that has called into question the safety of Russian Soyuz rockets used to carry people to orbit. On Wednesday, … Continue reading