Comet Slamming Into the Sun and Causing Solar Flare


Brown Dwarf Brewing Up Epic Space Storm

The storm of the century? How about the largest storm since the beginning of time… Scientists have spotted some scary activity on a nearby brown dwarf which may indicate that the small celestial body could be the site of one of the most violent space storms ever witnessed. The University of Toronto, which is studying … Continue reading

Sunspot Keeps Spouting Off Big Solar Flares

The sun has continued its string of outbursts this week, unleashing two new, powerful solar flares in two days from a region on its surface that space weather experts have now dubbed “Old Faithful.” An X-class solar flare — the most powerful type of sun storm — erupted Wednesday (Sept. 7) at 6:37 p.m. EDT … Continue reading

NASA Twin GRAIL Spacecraft Launch at 9:16 am: Watch Live Online Coverage

The countdown to twin GRAIL spacecraft mission to Moon is moving ahead toward a lift-off at 8:37 am EDT, NASA said in a statement. Forecasters still are calling for a 40 percent chance of good weather at the scheduled launch time. NASA‘s GRAIL spacecrafts are set to launch to the moon aboard a United Launch … Continue reading

X – Ray Event Exceeded M5 From Sun Today

Sunspot 1283 has shot off an M-Class solar flare, which is directed at Earth. M-Class solar flares like this could cause a moderate effect on our radio and electrical grid systems but NOAA does not forecast a major geomagnetic storm with it. The flare was from a sunspot group crossing the central disk of the … Continue reading