Super Sun Blast Fears Put Russian Nuke Plants In Lockdown

The Federal Atomic Energy Agency (FAAE) states that “emergency notices” have gone out to all of Russia’s nuclear power plants warning them that a potential “blast” from our Sun could cause “massive power blackouts” and could even result in “spontaneous atomic explosions.” Prompting this unprecedented warning was our Sun’s unleashing of a massive X1.9 solar flare from the behemoth Sunspot … Continue reading

Strong Solar Activity for the Month of September

Having already unleashed two X-flares since Sept. 22nd, sunspot AR1302 appears ready for more. The active region has a complex “beta-gamma-delta” magnetic field that harbors energy for strong M- and X-class eruptions. Flares from AR1302 will become increasingly geoeffective as the sunspot turns toward Earth in the days ahead. “Sunspot complex 1302 is incredibly easy … Continue reading

Solar Flares Could Unleash Nuclear Chaos On Planet Earth

(NaturalNews) Forget about the 2012 Mayan calendar, comet Elenin or the Rapture. The real threat to human civilization is far more mundane, and it’s right in front of our noses. If Fukushima has taught us anything, it’s that just one runaway meltdown of fissionable nuclear material can have wide-ranging and potentially devastating consequences for life … Continue reading

Space Weather Advisory Outlook and “The Weekly”

**** SPACE WEATHER OUTLOOK **** Summary For September 5-11 Category R1 (Minor) radio blackouts were observed on 05, 09, and 10 September due to flare activity from active sunspot Regions 1283 and 1286.  An R2 (Moderate) radio blackout was observed on 08 September due to flare activity from sunspot Region 1283.  R3 (Strong) radio blackouts … Continue reading

Would You Be Prepared If A Solar Flare Took Out The Power Grid Today?

For those of you that follow Space Weather Monitor on a regular basis, or if you just keep a close watch on solar activity you are most likely aware of the solar flares that took place last week. Overall it has been a pretty busy month on the solar surface and there are more sunspots developing every … Continue reading